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Healthy piglets, happy farmers!

Nukamel has a positively different view on nutrition for young piglets. We believe they can also strongly benefit from ‘The power of top-quality dairy’. Our solutions provide each piglet with the specific nutritional balance it needs to reach its maximum genetic potential.

Dairy contains vital energy (fat and lactose), protein and other health supporting elements. Our solutions support piglets in the first difficult stage of their lives and prepare them for a smooth transition through the weaning period. 

Our focus is on the piglet’s health and gut development, both pre- and post-weaning. Based on our innovation, extensive scientific research and trials, we know what balance is best for each situation. We even offer alternatives for zinc oxide, blood plasma and fish meal.


R&D-based nutrition


Introducing: Piglait

A Unique Piglet Milk Approach

We are proud to introduce Piglait, a brand-new nutritional approach for piglets. Piglait proves to be a breakthrough for pig farmers who choose to adopt it.

Piglait translates to ‘milk for piglets’, but it’s so much more than just milk. It is your partner in the farrowing unit, offering practical management advice, including the first liquid feed with a dedicated feeding system.

The nutritional value and choice of ingredients withing the Piglait milk replacers, are adjusted to the needs of the piglets.  The role of dairy bioactives in the early life stage is highlighted using low-heat dairy powders and complex milk-derived lipids, called milk fat globular membranes (MFGM).

Read more on the Piglait website.

The Volamel Compass | Fat Navigator

Supports piglets in the most stressful period of life!

Weaning is considered as one of the most critical periods in pig management. It is associated with social stress as piglets are separated from the sow and relocated with new littermates. The sudden dietary change from sow milk to solid feeds at weaning reduces feed intake. This, in turn, decreases the digestive capacity of the piglets due to morphological changes, e.g. reduced villus height, and impaired barrier function of epithelial cells.

To overcome weaning-associated reduced fat digestibility, Volamel Compass, the fat navigator is supplemented to weaner diets. This makes sure dietary fat is well absorbed and converted into dynamic energy that is used for healthy and lean growth. This innovation makes use of milk-derived complex lipids, called MFGM.

Read more about this nutritional intervention during the crucial post-weaning period.

The dairy based solution for zinc oxide banning

From 2022 onwards, the use of subtherapeutic, high-level zinc oxide (ZnO) in piglet feed is banned in Europe. The benefits of ZnO in preventing diarrhoea are well-known, but so are the risks for the environment - hence the ban.

However, this ban poses a serious challenge to the sector. How to consistently manage post-weaning diarrhoea and prevent the huge economic losses because of it? 

Nukamel offers a solution in Nukamix Extra. This is a functional dairy ingredient composed of top-quality, dairy raw materials. With it you can achieve the same results as with ZnO... or even better.

Bioactive dairy for optimal weaning

Nukamel carries out a lot of research to understand exactly what’s going on inside a young piglet. Did you know, for instance, that a piglet’s intestinal barrier is underdeveloped at birth? This alone leaves the piglet at great risk for diseases and other elements that can impede growth.

An underdeveloped piglet will experience great difficulty overcoming the first major hurdle in its life, which is weaning. The gut and its digestive capacity can further deteriorate in this case. This could lead to a microbial imbalance and even more risk of disease.

Making full use of the bioactive components in milk can contribute towards preventing these problems. That’s how Nukamel-fed piglets are optimally prepared for the weaning period.

The protein quality is guaranteed!

“Our customers ask, no, demand a consistently high-quality product,” says International Product Manager Piglets, Béke Nivelle. “And rightfully so. Nukamel is renowned for its high quality standards.” 

“That’s why we selected the level of active Immunoglobulins (IgG’s) - key proteins in the immune system - as one of our key parameters. Based on many years of experience, we know this level is an excellent measure to check the protein quality.”

“We check the IgG-level of all dairy raw materials before they enter our process. They are only accepted when they meet our stringent quality levels. That’s how we guarantee the protein quality.”

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Our experts, have the nutritional knowledge


Product Manager Piglets

As a young mother myself I feel even more committed to giving young animals, especially piglets, the best possible start in life.

Peter Ramaekers

Product Manager Piglets

Pig nutrition is my passion and I want to share my knowledge and experience with you to meet the challenges within our industry.


Tips and tricks

Leonardo da Vinci once said: “First study the science, and then practice the art which is born of that science.”

Nukamel has already studied the science so that you can practice the art. To help you along, check out our ‘Tips and tricks’ regularly.

  • How to mix piglet milk replacer properly? And why that is important. Our International Product Manager Piglets, Béke Nivelle, explains and gives specific tips.


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