R&D Expert / Manager


Evi Croes

R&D Manager

Albert Einstein once said: "Life is like riding a bicycle. To keep your balance, you must keep moving." Every  day Nukamel plants seeds for a future harvest. Whether it concerns small steps in the optimisation of our current solutions or huge leaps into the future using our brightest imagination, both are fascinating to contribute to.

Calves Experts


Stephen Van Den Meersch

ARTI, the youngstock specialist

Working as a Calf Specialist at Nukamel gives me the chance to translate scientific and veterinary knowledge to helpful tips and tricks for the farmers, increasing the efficiency and sustainability of their calf rearing.

Mariëlle de Haan

Mariëlle de Haan

Product Manager Calves

Starting calves up in a proper way, will be beneficial in their later life. As product manager calves I am passionate about giving the calf the best quality milk replacer but also taking into account the farmer’s wishes. 


Francesca Bonvini

ARTI, the youngstock specialist

I  have always been passionate about the science of nutrition, combined with practical on-farm work with animals. Working for Nukamel I found the possibility to be involved in both. It gives me a lot of satisfaction to be able to improve performance on farm while translating the latest science of calf nutrition to farmers and customers.

Drew Coppinger

Drew Coppinger

ARTI, the youngstock specialist

Having a strong understanding of calf nutrition, integrated supply chain and genetics allows myself and Nukamel to support our UK and Irish customers to further develop new opportunities. 

Our passion and knowledge of calves allows us to translate the needs of our customers to ensure we are developing market leading products to support British and Irish farmers. 


Marlijn Adriaanse

Marlijn Adriaanse

ARTI, the youngstock specialist

From a young age, I have really loved being on the farm. At Nukamel, I can transfer my passion and knowledge to customers as a youngstock specialist. I love challenges and always strive for the best practical result for farmer and calf.

Piglets Experts


Béke Nivelle

Product Manager Piglets

As a young mother myself I feel even more committed to giving young animals, especially piglets, the best possible start in life.

Peter Ramaekers

Peter Ramaekers

Product Manager Piglets

Pig nutrition is my passion and I want to share my knowledge and experience with you to meet the challenges within our industry.


Poultry Experts


Steven Cools

Product Manager Poultry

Curing animals was my passion. However, keeping them sound and this yet from the beginning, pays off better. Therefore, with a PhD in the pocket and my field experience, I contribute nowadays to Nukamel's 'art of growing' in the poultry business.

Lamb & Goat Kids Experts



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