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The First and The Best

Founded in 1954, Nukamel was the first company in the world to introduce and produce calf milk replacer. Our original slogan was ‘The First and The Best’.  We started with the production of milk replacers for white veal. This was just the beginning. Since then, our experts have constantly been developing new and innovative nutritional soluti­ons for all kind of young suckling animals and poultry.

In today’s world, farmers have to deal with major changes in climate, environmental regulation and consumer behaviour. Farming has become even more challenging than before.  It’s a real art to rear a young animal sustainably and efficiently.  At Nukamel, we are committed to ‘The art of growing young animals’. Our team helps guide farmers with specific knowledge and expertise.

Our mission

Founded on extensive research, Nukamel develops innovative dairy-based nutritional solutions for feeding young animals. We use the full potential power of milk to help newborn animals grow and develop well. A good start in life has lasting effects. These are essential in a world in which resources must be utilized with the utmost care and efficiency.

We develop long-term relationships with strategic Agri-partners and companies worldwide that facilitate the sustainable development and growth of all parties involved. 

In short, our mission translates into the following four corporate values : To Grow - To Innovate - To Cooperate - and importantly, To Appreciate!


Quality starts with people. Our employees are trained extensively in understanding customers’ needs. With this in-depth knowledge, we can ensure product quality.

Nukamel uses natural ingredients that are principally derived from milk. We focus on delivering consistent products. Towards minimizing the effect of any natural variations in original ingredients, all parameters of our products are scrutinized, including their organoleptic qualities (i.e. those that can influence the sensory characteristics of a product – its taste, smell and mouthfeel), such as solubility, stability, colour, and flow, etc. 

Our production site has its own laboratory, but products are also analysed by external accredited laboratories to ensure that they are free from Salmonella, heavy metals, dioxin, antibiotics and other undesirable substances.

On demand, we can also offer VLOG “Ohne GenTechnik”-Certified products.

Nukamel’s quality system is based on GMP+ and ISO9001, which ensures that safe products are made that meet customers’ demands.