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Dairy is at the heart of Nukamel

Dairy is at the heart of Nukamel

At Nukamel, we are particularly specialised in dairy-based nutritional solutions. Milk and dairy products are naturally rich sources of a wide range of essential nutrients and bioactive components, many of which are still unexplored. 

As animal genetics evolves, so does the dairy landscape. The dairy industry has undergone many changes over the last 25 years, moving the market towards greater specialisation. This results in different but fewer dairy products for animal feed. 

Nukamel has extremely solid scientific and ‘in-field’ foundations for unlocking the power of dairy products to enhance the quality of the animal lifecycle.

One specification, different qualities

What the label doesn't tell you...

At first sight, many powders look the same. However, they are most certainly not. Ingredients and processing differs widely from producer to producer, but this kind of information is not mentioned on the labels.

To guarantee you get the best, we look closely at the source and the whole processing history of the dairy ingredients. Nukamel specially selects those that have undergone a low heat-treatment. This guarantees the best digestibility and optimal use of the bioactive components.

To find out more, watch our informative animation.

Treated with extra care

Nukamel sources only the finest raw materials based on understanding the processes in the milk industry. We have developed partnerships and deepened our knowledge so that we can control the provision and quality of our dairy ingredients and ensure a secure, reliable and top-quality supply.

Differentiating the incoming milk streams is a top priority for our nutritionists. Our very specific controls are beneficial for young animals. We check on pasteurisation, drying techniques and availability of essential components, including Immunoglobulins and lactoferrin etc. 

Find out more about what we do with these finest raw materials in our production process.

The protein quality of our raw materials is guaranteed!

Our customers ask, no, demand a consistently high-quality product. And rightfully so. Nukamel is renowned for its high quality standards. 

That’s why we selected the level of active Immunoglobulins (IgG’s) - key proteins in the immune system - as one of our key parameters. Based on many years of experience, we know this level is an excellent measure to check the protein quality.

We check the IgG-level of all dairy raw materials before they enter our process. They are only accepted when they meet our stringent quality levels. That’s how we guarantee the protein quality.

Energy and Protein

Balancing act for optimal calf growth

“Feeding calves is like walking a tightrope,” claims Nukamel R&D Manager, Evi Croes. “Finding the right balance is difficult, especially for the individual farmer. Different parameters and conditions need to be met and providing the right nutrition is a crucial one.”

Another reason to choose low heat-treated dairy materials

Nukamel uses low heat treated dairy raw materials in its milk replacers for many reasons. One of them is the way low heat treated casein curdles better inside the animal, compared to medium and high heat treated casein. Watch this video to see how a simple test shows the clear difference.