Visit to InsoGoat

26th of April 2016

Nukamel organized for Russian Investors a visit to InsoGoat


We had a request from a Russian partner to visit a state of the art farm for goat milk production and to provide insight into goat farming.


We took the chance to visit InsoGoat (standing for Innovations & Solutions for Goats) in Heythusen, the Netherlands. Director ir. Anne-Riet Boerenkamp, with a broad experience in goat related researches provided us an overview in general goat management, including the essential knowledge to be considered for a goat farm startup.


We were proud to see, that InsoGoat as one of the most innovative goat research centers in the Netherlands used Kiddomel, Nukamels milkreplacer for goat kids. InsoGoat especially requested our product after an earlier trial, where they received impressive results about the high performance of Kiddomel.


After visiting the research and production facility of InsoGoat, we were invited to visit another high performance farm with more than 4000 goats near Rijkevoort, the Netherlands.


Lucky us! We had the chance to see at the farm the birth of a goat kid. Although we are in this business, we still feel to be overwhelmed to see the “little – big” wonders of the world.




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