Nukamel’s Pig Seminar

Nukamel organized for customers from Vietnam, Thailand, Korea and Brazil an educational week, which was held in the week from the 14th till the 17th of November 2017 in the Netherlands. After the intensive course about dairy piglet raw materials, saw milk replacers and feed production technology, our visitors could visit the Feed Design Lab and the famous pig research center Sterksel, which is part of the Wageningen University.

At Feed Design Lab Dr. Menno Thomas, a specialist in feed production technologies, explained the problems and solution of dairy pelleting.

We had a great week, where we talked a lot about latest research results, but not only the latest science and our industry played a role during this week, but the way people started to talk, think and enjoy each-others company from different regions of the world. This was the best way to get know each-other and without realizing we become very good friends at the end of this amazing week.

Thanks very much for everyone who attended!!



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