Nukamel bags renewed


Nukamel changed the layout of some of the calf milk replacer bags for better communication with our end consumers. These updates were necessary in order to follow the trends of the latest scientific research regarding calf feeding and colostrum management.


1, New Feeding schedule

We introduced a new feeding schedule, which includes an accelerated and a conventional feeding schedule. These products can be fed as well with the accelerated schedule. The mixing instruction was updated accordingly as well.


Feeding schedule Nukamel


We updated the feeding schedule of the following bags:

Yellow bagBlue bag


Purple bagRed bag


2, Introducing new bags for top performer products

We are introducing new bags for our new top performer products, the Nukamel Ruby and the Omnismart.

Omnismart bagNukamel Ruby bag


3. Name change & updated feeding schedule

We are updating the Feeding schedule and removing the words Plus and Extra from the Fokkamel Plus and Fokkamel Extra bags.

Green bag with conventional feeding scheduleRed bag with conventional feeding schedule

When will we see these changes?

The changes of the bags will happen step by step and start already in the autumn 2018 and will continue till the beginning of 2019.

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