Improving Your Stock Seminar at Blanca

Nukamel has organized the first European happening of progressive European dairy farmers at Blanca, a dairy hub worldwide known for his approach of adding value to milk!

Alex Bach from IRTA and Pepe Ahedo from Blanca have been excellent hosts and presenting unique experiences and knowledge to the participants.


We invited farmers with significant herd sizes from all over Europe for this event to discuss latest scientific results on calf rearing, trends in young heifer management and potential cooperation between farms.

We had two exciting days with more than 30 persons from 9 different countries. Enjoyed the nice Spanish hospitality from our host Pepe Ahedo, the owner of Blanca, who even brought his excellent house-wine to create us a delightful atmosphere during dinner. We would like to thank Professor Bach from the IRTA research institute as well to share us his insides. Dr. Bach is worldwide the top researcher in the field of heifer management.

These two inspiring days with high knowledge transfer were memorable for our team and we are already excited looking for our next event at the largest European agriculture exhibition Eurotier in Hannover, Germany.



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