Quality starts with people. Nukamel's employees are trained in understanding customers’ needs. This knowledge base allows us to monitor our products accurately.


Processes are checked and analysed on a day-to-day basis.


Nukamel uses natural ingredients principally derived from milk ... and the constituents of the milk derivative vary depending on the cheese, yoghurt etc. which have been made from it. Consequently we focus very much on delivering stable products not limited to analytical parameters but including organoleptic aspects such as solubility, stability, color, free flowing etc.


Nukamel's quality system is based on GMP+ and ISO9001 ensuring safe products are made that respond to customers’ demands. The system is certified and is regularly checked by certification bodies, customers and internal auditors.


To deliver products of consistent quality, each of Nukamel’s production sites has its own laboratory, which are all equipped with NIRS. In the laboratory incoming goods are checked and finished products are analyzed and only released when the customer’s specification is met.


Products are also analyzed by external accredited laboratories to ensure they are free from salmonella, heavy metals, dioxin, antibiotics and other undesirable substances.