Porcomel Dry

PORCOMEL DRY is a transition piglet milk replacer designed to supplement the sow in the farrowing crate. This product can easily be given in a dry form or as a paste and facilitates the transition to dry feeding. Porcomel Dry combines taste sources of energy and highly digestible proteins.


  • Solve the problem of large litters/ inadequate milk supply – dry matter intake
  • Lower pre-weaning mortality - higher weaning weight
  • Easy to use- easy transition to dry feeding
  • Piglets with optimal intestinal health
    Porcomel Dry nourishes and protects piglets!
  • Stimulate solid feed intake -
    prevent post-weaning drop in feed intake



Protein % 19.0
Fat % 15.5
Ash % 5.5
Fibre % 0.2


Mixing ratio = 250 - 400 g to 1 L drinking water or can be given as dry feed
When dissolved: drinking temp. 39 ˚C
Can be provided ad libitum in automatic dispensing systems or manually (preferentially in multiple feeding rounds per day).