Nukamix 30

NUKAMIX 30 is a WHEY PROTEIN CONCENTRATE with a guaranteed level of active immunoglobulins. Nukamix 30 is an added value ingredient, to be used in particular in creep and prestarter feeds. This product can stimulate feed intake in the crucial period around weaning, promote an excellent gut heatlh and, therefore, will have a beneficial effect on the performance of piglets.


  • Guaranteed level of active immunoglobulins 
  • Improve health status - prevent risk of diarrhea
  • High quality WPC source
  • Reliable performance
  • Ensure high pre- and post-weaning feed intake
  • Non-hygroscopic powder



Protein % 30.0
Lactose % 47.5
Fat % 5.0
Ash % 6.5
Immunoglobulins ppm 10000