Milk products for piglets exist in different forms. From complete milk replacers to dairy feed ingredients, Nukamel provides solutions to overcome pre-weaning deficiencies in sow's milk and post-weaning transition problems to dry feed, especially in case of early weaning. As a consequence of improved genetics farmers, today, are facing the challenge of rearing supernummerary litters, although the sow's milk supply has not raised proportionally. A consistent and only gradually decreasing line in milk products as a source of highly digestible energy and protein for the piglets, is, therefore, crucial in healthy feeding practices.


Milk replacers

Porcomel soluble milk replacers are given in addition to the sow to increase the dry matter intake of the piglets in the farrowing crate. They are also suited to be used in case of early weaning or in systems for motherless rearing. Porcomel soluble milk replacers are designed to both nourish and protect the piglets around weaning.


Dairy ingredients for creep feed

Stimulating the piglets to consume dry creep or prestarter feed, as early, and, as much as possible, is crucial in rearing healthy piglets. Moreover, it prevents or limits the well-known drop in feed intake immediately after weaning. This asks for palatable and highly digestible sources of energy (fat, lactose) and protein. Nukamix provides a top range of products, specifically for creep or prestarter applications.


Dairy ingredients for weaner feed

Weaning is one of the most stressful events in a pig's life. Achieving the full growth potential of a pig in the fattening period highly depends on the growth results obtained around weaning. And this in turn is influenced by the feed. Milk protein, highly digestible fat sources (like coconut oil) and lactose are, therefore, valuable ingredients in weaner feed. Nukamel, therefore offers Fokkamix as a range of acid, sweet or fat-filled whey powders. Porcomix offers a higher level of whey protein, combined with lactose (and fat). In each case, Nukamel's experience with and knowlegde on dairy products can be combined with the customer's demands to produce tailor-made products, offering the best solution for each particular feed producer.


Dairy ingredients for starter feed

As the piglet grows older, the ability to utilize other protein and energy sources increases. Although a broader range of raw materials can support optimal growth, some parameters are still important: palatability, low level of anti-nutritional factors and digestibility. Mixomel and Feedomel products are developed in that respect.



During the first months after birth, the digestive tract of piglets is disposed to a tremendous transition. While the piglet is initially fed only on milk, gradually other feed is offered containing more diverse nutrients. The piglet's digestive system has to adapt accordingly, producing e.g. higher levels of enzymes.

In particular, in the case of fat digestion, young piglets lack the ability to produce sufficient amounts of bile salts. Next to lipases, bile salts are critical for micelle formation and, thus, are limiting the optimal absorption of fats and oils.

Volamel Extra is a nutritional emulsifier, specifically developed to tackle this problem. The emulsifier is particularly developed to mimick the effect of bile salts and, therefore, to increase fat digestibity in young animals; This ultimately leads to a better performance and feed efficiency.