1. Porcomel Dry, can it be dissolved in water and at which ratio? Cold or hot water?

Yes, Porcomel Dry can be dissolved in hot water. The advised dosage rate is 400g to 1L of water, resulting in a thick milk or paste. This increases the nutrient uptake of the piglets in the farrowing crate.

2. Nukamix Extra, how do I replace blood plasma? How do I calculate with this?

Nukamix Extra is a dairy ingredient with a protein content of 41%; An inclusion of e.g. 5% blood plasma in a prestarter formula can be replaced with 10% Nukamix Extra. This way, not only the highly digestible protein part is covered, but, in addition, coconut oil, butter oil (short-to-medium-chain fatty acids) and lactose are included too. These have to be taken into account as well in the total formulation and economical calculation.