Nukamel has 60 years of experience in the field of calf milk replacers. With all the experience and knowledge gained throughout those years, todays product range of calf milk replacers and milk replacer concentrates are developed.


The aim of our products is on rearing Healthy calves together with an Optimal growth, in this way exploiting full genetic potential, gaining maximized growth without fattening and with a minimum of health problems. To maximize growth rates whole year round, Nukamel has launched the concept of seasonal distinct milk replacers: Emulsizym® 4 seasons. Within the concept Health and Digestion are emphasized the whole year round, besides this in wintertime Health and Safety aspects are emphasized, while in summer, when environmental conditions are better and animals more resilient, the focus is on Extra Growth and Performance.



Milk Replacers

Dairy calf

Nukamels range of milk replacers for dairy calves is recommended for a stable and efficient rearing. The acidified, whey based milk replacers offer a well-balanced level of highly digestible fat and protein, provided via carefully selected, high quality raw materials. The milk replacers are highly soluble and suitable for both bucket and/or automatic feeding systems.

Beef calf

Nukamel`s range of milk replacers for beef calves exist of milk powder based products, in the first place recommended for beef calves but could also perfectly be used for rearing of dairy calves. The milk replacers are highly soluble and suitable for both bucket and/or automatic feeding systems.

Milk replacer concentrates

Nukamel`s range of milk replacer concentrates are designed to make high quality calf milk replacers on location and could contain the necessary vitamins and minerals. Espacially in countries with high availablity of dairy products the use of concentrates could be a perfect economical solution for making high quality calf milk replacers! Most of the concentrates are customer made, adapted to the available ingredients of the customer.  Depending on the concentrate it could be used as an ingredient or mixed with whey powder to make a complete quality calf milk replacer.


Over the last 60 years Nukamel has gained a lot of knowledge on the use of emulsifiers in calf milk replacers. From a technical point of view an optimized mixture and dosage of emulsifiers is needed to create a stable solution in which the fat particles are small and evenly distributed. In particular, in stock feeding this aspect is of importance. Other characteristics, like anti-foaming, improved wettability and dispersion are also taken into account when using emulsfiers in soluble calf milk replacers or their concentrates.


Moreover, from a nutritional point of view, again other emulsifiers are added to calf milk replacers. Nukamel has developed a nutritional emulsifier, Volamel Extra, which, due to its hydrophilic nature, instantly dissolves in the watery environment of the gut. That way, it works in synergy with the natural bile salts to improve fat digestion in young animals, like calves. Less diarrhea and a general improved health status and growth are being achieved.