How to use the calf milk replacer? What is the right concentration to use?
It is recommended to dissolve the milk powder in 2/3 of the water and a temperature of 50-55°C, mix roughly and then to add water at room temperature. Optimal feeding temperature of the dissolved milk replacer is 39°C. The mixing ration is 145 g powder + 1L of drinking water, this will give you a bit more than 1L of milk replacer. This mixing ration is often written as 125 g/L this means that you need 125 gr powder to make 1 L of milk replacer.


What is the right moment to wean the calves?
It is advised not to wean the calves before the daily concentrate intake is 1-1.5 kg. This to avoid reduced feed intake and subsequently reduced growth of the calves just after weaning. If the calves are consuming less than 1-1.5 kg of concentrate the development of the rumen is delayed. It is advisable to provide concentrate and hay to the calves from day 7 onwards to start early rumen development.